Come volunteer and stay with us!

Let your talent and expertise flow and become a part of Mounam retreats.

Yogdaan: Work as Meditation

We would be happy to have you on campus, where you can be part of all the evolutionary work and sacred celebrations in Mounam’s field.

The areas of contribution can be, but are not limited to,

  • helping in the kitchen
  • assisting the gurus in training
  • conducting musical or drumming sessions
  • taking care of administrative work
  • maintaining the organic farm, cleaning, helping at the organic farm, f
  • food preparation and service,
  • setting the retreat space,
  • receiving visitors and showing them around the property and other tasks as required for the community.

You can also share any special skills you may have, such as digital marketing, photography, IT, administration, art, writing, accounting etc. Let nothing hold you back from living the life you want to.

The guidelines of the program are:

Work- 5 hours a day for five days a week, 36 hours a week in the area you would like to contribute and agree on.

You can participate in our daily meditations and yoga practice; you will be receiving guidance and support from our facilitators on board.

The Way of YogDaan@Mounam

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At Mounam, we are committed to the practice of deep Sadhna. Immersed in the depths of meditation, our intention rests in the heart of divine action.

Sadhaks come to Mounam to contribute to our conscious community’s growth and upkeep, and in return, they are provided with the space and peace to enrich their practices.

To ensure that earnest hands back to our community,
we have guidelines that enlist the conditions that a sincere sadhak must abide by.

1) Work contribution:
  –  At least 5 hours of dedicated work needs to be done for Mounam.
    – Sadhaks can utilise the rest of the time for building one’s spiritual muscle and personal activities.

2) Food/diet:
  –  We will provide Delicious and healthy vegetation food.  
   – Any other specific dietary needs to be taken care of by the individual
– No alcohol or meat to be consumed on the campus.

 – Should be taken care of by the individual
 – If needed, payment can be made for helpers to do laundry

 – The individual needs to take care of their commute to and from Mounam.  
   – We will provide support when possible 

5. Discounts on workshops, courses and training

6. Discipline/Sadhna/Practice:

– 2 hours of mediation is mandatory for those wishing to contribute. You can Learn the basics of mediation, yogic and Vedic philosophy, kriyas, therapies, yoga Nidra, breath work, Bhagavad Gita, and yoga sutras with our in-house teachers

– We recommend that you follow nature’s rhythm in terms of sleep and waking hours. We strongly believe that if you are early to bed and early to rise and appreciate the biological clock, you will be more aligned with the external environment of the organic farm. 

7. Minimum stays for volunteering:
– A minimum stay of one month is an essential requirement so that you understand the vision behind Mounam and get to know the team. You will be able to immerse yourself in a new way of life in this manner.