A five-day residential retreat at Mounam Yoga Farm December 9th – 13th, 2021.

Single-pointed Concentration | Introduction to Vedic and Yogic Philosophy | Organic Vegetarian Meals

What is this retreat about?

Situated in the floral beauty of Mounam Yoga Farm, this retreat is an invitation to learn the language of silence along
with specific skillful meditation techniques that help bring about ease and comfort in the body, mind.

Why should I attend this retreat?

This retreat will reveal the inner resource hidden in silence, enabling you to reap its benefits.

How do I access this inner silence?

Experience the retreat at Mounam Yoga Farm

In this retreat, you will

  • Practice simple tools and techniques for single-pointed concentration
  • Learn skillful means of meditation to enjoy instant relief from incessant thinking
  • Purify and cleanse the mind
  • Enjoy the delicacies of organic, farm-fresh veggie meals
  • Realize that Silence is indeed S.EX.Y (Sacred, Exuberant and Yogic)

Note to participants: To ensure the full fruition of this retreat’s intention, we recommend keeping vocal communication to a minimum.

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