Mounam – the idyllic Yoga farm

Ensconced in the lap of luscious greenery that is almost like an oasis in the sultry landscape, barely 40 kms from the city of Hyderabad, Mounam wins over your soul with its nurturing aura from the very moment you enter its verdant landscape. The aura of eternal remedy seems to emanate from every blade of grass to the dense foliage that creates an atmosphere of calmness. At the ‘tapobhumi’ (the place of serenity for those on the spiritual path) there is an unparalleled grace with lush abundance of the ecosystem in unison with the trees of wisdom planted by the masters, Mounam has grown to become a motherly terrain, a succor of calm and joy that one may find in the arms of a mother; offering one and all an opportunity to travel lightly in the inevitable journey of coming home to the Truth of our very existence.

If you are a seeker on the journey of discovering who you really are, the farm finds a warm embracing way of taking away the non-essentials and restoring us to true inner nature. In this space, you become more aware of the mechanisms of bondage that we have been fueling. At Mounam, we bring together the gifts of our land to build a conscious community that cultivates evolution through yoga centric retreats, in a saatvik environment.

The yoga farm is a collaboration of masters, gurus, facilitators, teachers, healers, yogi’s, sanyasins and light workers of all kinds that shower their blessings and wisdom to form a heart centric community.




Preethi Errabelli | Founder, Mounam Yoga FarmMounam evolved from the deep quest for understanding life and the divine that Preethi sought in her all along. A rebellious child to whom religion and rituals had no meaning, she chose to deal with trauma and grief in her life by introspection. Seeking answers from the Universe for her very existence and the chaos in her life, her sensitivity opened her soul to the pain of those around. She travelled to the farthest corners of this physical realm, living by the Ganges at Rishikesh to imbibe the spiritual essence of being from the sadhus and gurus to practicing Ashtanga yoga and following the sutras to look for the unfathomable power that lies within.

Preethi means love, and ironically she felt deprived of it since early childhood. Her desire to renounce the monotony and superficiality of regular family life was too strong to be left unheeded any longer. As she delved deeper into this quest, meditation became her way of life. She committed her practice to yoga and the contemplation of non dual principles. With the power of intense sadhana, she was able to tap into subtle realms and travel back into multiple past lives. These divine visions centred around the law of karma and unity unveiled the answers she had sought all her life. At last, Preethi was able to connect the astral dots and decode the mystery to her suffering.

Preethi finally knew that her calling in life had to be a place that would bring the ecstasy of spiritual connections to the lives of those as restless as she had been all her life.

Thus was born “Mounam” !


Preethi in Person

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