It’s a chaotic vibration within every time I’m asked about this doing thing

My whole body reacts to the sound of it

Wish I could just faint or ignore it altogether

I almost feel like an ostrich that shoves it’s head into the scorching sand just to momentarily hide from its predator.

So here goes the doing list….

Well I did many things in the past from a software job in the US to

aiding my husband with his business (A lie ;)

sometimes with great intensity I would involve in setting up the home & at other times I’d somberly sleep walk through samsara/chores , while raising the children..

We grew up together as I was as much a kid as my little ones were themselves

The doing list went on – trying to see the param atma( GOD)  in pati ( husband ) 🤪well still trying …. I might succeed 🚣‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️

turned into a party animal, moved to India continued the same more grandiosely

Opened this designer boutique

Travelled where ever there was a guru

Learned yoga, psychology

Then went onto

Teaching yoga & counseling

I would pick anything from the above 👆🏽 just to avoid saying that I’m a house wife :))

Jokes apart but something within me knew that i can’t be all this doing

No amount of doing can define me even with a fancy label like a “yoga practitioner” or “yogini” which would fill the void for just a minute or two

Seeing all the gymnastics and stunts, Shiva decided to bless me with an answer…

A bunch of us were lounging at the banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh & the dreaded question that so often haunts me and turns me into a circus master came up yet again

“ So Preethi what do you do” ?

& guess what flowed through me this time

“Bas saas lethi hu jeene ke liyae”

I just breath to live

& there was absolute stillness in the air.. no more stunts!..I look at the Adi yogi & smile … this is it!

You are a stud.. this is exactly what I do &  I’m here to just  BE not get lost in doing!

The group was equally stunned with what flowed out of my mouth, they were like how did you say that? That’s the most amazing response we have ever had. 👑💃