Can we ever feel safe?
With fear as the substratum, the mind steers us into procuring more and more….
Why do we not feel secured even after meeting the ego’s dictation of what it takes to bid fear bye?
Safety is an illusion!
A mirage can never quench your thirst!
No matter how much material we feverishly cushion ourselves with, or reach the peak of worldly ladder the thorn of fear continues to prick us
Unless we dive into the source of the matter how are we ever going to liberate ourselves from this deadly disease called ‘Fear’
The spiritual being that we are is enriched by it’s own fragrance, absolutely and totally by it’s innate vigour and abundance
Lean into the quietness, the soul’s benevolence.
We are here to
Unfold each’s individual love & Romance with the divine,
recede to our natural state of reasonless joy, trust, love, ease and well-being.
Express harmoniously & valiantly what we are meant to express through this human garb.