Time stops when HE awakens the SOUL

No where to go and NOTHING to ask

No need and greed for anything

Swelled up in LOVE for HIM

There is absolute WORDLESS -NESS

Dwelling in it’s SWEETNESS all the demands and desires MELT

It’s a carnival everywhere

Floating in unbounded-ness

I meet the creator with an extraordinary EYE

With ocean of BLISS, love & beauty

When every fibre is DRUNK with HOLINESS

How can you ask

What is left to ask

He takes away everything

All the fever and the river of Thought

The receiver ceases to exist

The creases of the mind gone

Settling in the Recess of the Heart

The giver is supremely eager to give away

All the BENEDICTIONS of existence

That has been FLOWERED in the being

& IS Just ALIVE to SHOWER every one with the same.