What can you even ask the ONE who is a primordial pauper, the personality less Destructor.
What abundance are you expecting from the vairagi, the one who lives in the Shamshan/Cemetery
Even if he grants a desire, his intention is to rip you off all Desires you have been holding dearly.
The all knowing one is just letting you play in the realm of fantasy for some time….Until your veil of ignorance is dissolved he keeps pampering your wishes
“A Desire can be fulfilled but the Desirer remains anxious”
So he grants you with what ever you ignorantly aspire, hoping that one day through the endless sailing on the boat of samsara, all weary and tired, there shall be one delightful dawn — the non dual wisdom might shine bright within you.
He knows your final destiny & destination….
The ultimate longing of every being, to dissolve into the abode of nothingness/Ashes/Kailasha. 🔱📿🧘‍♀️