Chetan and I were relaxing at the lake
As we were Welcoming the setting of the sun
The clairvoyant Chetan looks at me
& This is what he has to say
Amma I see angles dancing around you
As angelic as it can sound I took this as the bell of truth 🔔 👼 🥰
As psychic as this may seem his psychic prowess rings true as I see him up close

So coming back to angles…
I truly felt the radiance of heaven striking bright on the crown of that royal hour

I could taste the fruits of surrender being gifted by the King himself HARI

My heart was pulsing and dancing to the rhythm of love and gratitude
I felt the expansion and centering that constitutes the very law of nature

According to The Sanatana dharma- the eternal laws of life and living …

“Yadha Drishti Tada Shrishti”

What is held in ones heart is what echoes into space and blossoms back in the form of a boomerang into the manifestations of ones existence

If unconditional love is what you sing then the choir of existence preaches the same melody and brings it back for you to listen to it on repeat

If it’s fear that you entertain then the choir of existence has no choice but to go along with screechy sounds of your composition and bring back to you a flopped album

The universe acts as a mirror
It just shows you, your reality
What you think, see, feel becomes your Truth

When you clean up this mind & body the divine fills you with himself.
It’s a wine from another dimension
Whether you whine about it or dine in it!
Drunkenness without the drunkard
A tequila bar without the bartender & no one waiting to be attended to.