Since very young I wrestled with GOD about not being SMART enough to lead my life, to deal with the hardships of the world, to contribute to humanity.

The critic in me shouted out loud that you are a bum, fat head & fit for nothing

There must be something & somewhere I could fit in? I urged the supreme to show me the way

I prayed endlessly asking him to use me to do his work here on earth.

I can’t be a burden to Mother Earth

If it is so then take me away so that I can ease her Load

After 4 plus decades of battling with the critic the coach entered the drama of my life

I held onto its nurturing voice.. it started fostering me into trust, acceptance & surrender.

During one of my earth rituals in which I bow down to the ground

A voice much subtler than the Coach …the sound of the cosmos started whispering my destiny, one among the many prophetic utterances  where…

“ You are here to make a difference- the world is waiting for you”

I hit my head to the floor in disbelief and disapproval .. i said stop playing with me!

I can’t be all that u have declared – I’m such a bum! you expect me to take up such a monumental task? U are teasing me aren’t you?

& this time more profoundly … “you don’t need to be smart to serve.. you have a large heart & that shall lead you the way”

Now it’s not a matter of believing or not believing this destiny of mine .. I feel the taste of Truth, the glimpses of light, the reasonless joy & the manifestation of what I held deeply within my heart since childhood.

Life taking care of life!!

“Eeshwarah yat karoti shobhanam ev karoti.” – what ever the supreme does it’s all auspicious. 📿🙏