Meet The Enlightened Master!

It’s all his blessings 😇 😇 😇

My relationship with Mounam started a decade ago

been training myself to live like a nobody

Didn’t want the world to know that I existed

I have been Pretty wonderfully Practicing vanaprasth & Renunciation here

Sleeping on the floor

With One meal a day

Very few clothes

Experiencing nature in the rawest form

Made the mosquito net my cozy room

Making friends with the animal kingdom

Embracing my aloneness fully

Breathing fearlessly at the ghastly sounds during deep & dark nights

Comforted myself making Earth as the mattress & sky as the roof

Letting go of all the city life, luxuries, friends & all that jazz that I was familiar with

Was Quite content for years living an ascetic life at the farm

& was very determined to disappear to oblivion without creating any ripples

The birds do that .. they fly without any trace & no fuss about their existence- I drew my inspiration from them.

But LIFE had a diff plan

During a deep meditative state…

The Consciousness of the Tree spoke to me…

I have been waiting for you since eons

Glad you are here

Please do your tapa here & I shall run the show for you

I just did what I love doing & dharma took over.