I was holding onto the hanging roots of the ancient banyan tree & swinging high and low

I played for sometime and found it apt to seek some rest

I reached out to a resting station

It was at a distance far away from the relief of a vacation

Sweating in fire

I had no where to go

Neither the branch nor the earth

Left hanging in mid air

I preached and screeched

With all my fright I shouted out for some might

At this point Nobody comes to my aid

Nothing seems like a solution

Silencing the ego, I became still

I remembered to remember him

To surrender to HARI

Surrender to all the suffering

And quite literally

Nothing was the same

I Woke up from the dream

Realizing the dreaming of it all

The Truth of freedom sat as my pal

I’m free .. hip hip hurray

No more bondage

All fears vanish