Quite intrigued with this whole concept of awakening/MOKSHA

I used to repeatedly ask my advaita guru a question.. A space where a group of friends and I very sincerely studied for more than 5 years.

“How do you know if you are awake” ?

He would say that you would know .. it’s quite natural & simple, you just know it!

The cord will be broken

Just as you know when you wake up from a dream…

you know you are no longer dreaming

You know you are the Waker who has dreamt

You know it’s just a dream & it is silly for you to take it seriously

Seeing the dream as a dream is what awakening is all about.

We are dreaming most of the time in our waking state as well

Except for a few moments where our intense presence is required or in areas where there is passion & interest.

The movement of the mind from past to future is no less than a dream

When the mind comes to an absolute quietness during the waking state – the dream of the waking state is also dissolved & what remains is the SAKSHI/Witness

Until that point the dreaming injects it’s intoxication and obsession of the dream onto the dreamer

The recognition of SAKSHI is a disarming of this apparent peril.

It’s effects are dismantled as the arrows of dreaming no longer have a solid target to land on. It is like an arrow running miles in a barren land craving for a target to strike.

What power can a target less arrow have on the space less arena SAKSHI