It’s Narsavva’s marigold farm
We weren’t welcomed here
She screamed her lungs out
Giving it a deaf ear
we continued to do what pleased us
Drowning myself in the celestial Fragrance
Mediating & Engaging in the yogic postures
Sakshi was on cloud 9
Singing and dancing with the bees, birds
Going on a sensual delight
Blossoming along with the blossoms

So shifting the attention back to the heroine of the play…
What she needed was not of the gross
Not the notes, no bribe worked
But something very subtle
She was pointing us towards the moon
The sublimity
The beauty of the heart
A loving glance
A warm hug
& the entire being merging into hers
She has a heart and she demanded whole of me
The wholesome affair with her calmed her mind and senses
We felt her essence
The human needs Love & connection more
& less of the other jazz. 🥰💕👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩