This is absolutely my tribe
I so belong to the vibe of the yogis
My soul elevates to the clouds in the presence of tapasvi’s
The yogic seed, found it’s very first expression in Rishikesh
The restlessness I experienced in the mundane world
The reason for all the distress
I was searching for the source
I needed a gurukul
A tapobhumi to wake up the yogi in me
My wild mind, mellowed down for the first time
The mountains carried the miracle that my soul was hankering for
Every stone marinated with sacredness
The Ganga flowing gracefully
Carrying with it the nectar of immortality
Tapa, japa, mantras of the saints echoing in & around the caves, kindling the soundless sound of the soul
The tiny speck witnessed the spectacle of infinity
The petite existence of the i dissolved into the Boundlessness of the Himalayas
We all come onto this earth with an address and destiny
Until the right door is knocked & destination is reached
The hungry soul remains angry & anxious
Longing for a resting ground – The HOME – The pulsating heart of SHIVA.