The force with all it’s depth pronounced into my being that “You are here for a grand reason- you have a great potential for Buddha-hood.

The world needs you my child! – I picked you to serve the Earth & his inhabitants.

Do not deviate from your purpose at any cost, you are the one I have choosen to fulfil my vision.

I asked why did you knock my door, I don’t think I have it in me to shoulder this monumental mission

The whispers once again kept flowing… you are more than worthy with a fearless, large heart to take up the task.

Several  such visions & voices of intuition gave me the strength & clarity in moments of doubt and distress.

The more I believed it the more I became that & the more i’m strengthened and guided by the universe.

I held onto many of these whispers of the soul how much ever absurd it sounds

Isn’t this delusion better than the million illusions our soul is stuck in?

What makes us believe that the sensual stimuli that we are exposed to is the only Truth?

What is hidden behind the appearances?

Probably we need an enlightened vision to see each other’s light

May be we are all Buddha’s in the seed form & the universe is waiting for every single soul to blossom into Buddha-hood.

I’d  rather trust & surrender to this intuitive voice & other epiphanies than give into the minds ephemeral Fancies/fears & Wholeheartedly dedicate to a life of service/dharma.