I have been insanely experimenting with life

My funda then was if there is happiness in this world I must experience it or else it is a wasted one & I’m here to live it to the fullest!!

I went all out in the pursuit of joy ..

Since I  was born with  dangerously excessive load of energies . not knowing any other better way of investing it I went all out into the world

So tried adventure, alcohol, hosting craziest parties, exotic vacations, decorating my body  with high end designer stuff, mindless socialising, wild night partying & the list goes on.

All the above outward pursuits made me more disoriented, flaky & anxious.

After submerging myself in every pleasure there is under the sky I was utterly disappointed  realising that It was a futile search.

My Maya/illusion was dissolved, arriving at the conclusion that thr isn’t any bliss  in the world!

Life now made no sense, no deep meaning was seen… very soon I was consumed with spiritual depression.

A friend suggested me a Counselor who has spiritual orientation.

Sincerely bow down to her for her loving guidance

After listening to my drama

She uttered  a line which echos in my heart even now & it transformed my life  for ever.

“Maybe the soul wants to experience all this”

Was i living like a Zombie?

No one around me remotely mentioned about this or may be I was oblivious to such profoundness.

.. so  thr is someone called SOUL living within me?

If it is so I want to experience it

I had sleepless nights thinking about this SOUL…

So begun gathering  all my energies into the Crazy  pursuit of this strange guy living within me..