An act of compassion dedicated to Christ ☮️💚
Do I spend my morning picking up ants that are crawling over my yoga mat..
Be blind to the scene & continue with my asana practice on the mat where the ants made it their home
What’s more worthy?
What serves me more?
This was a Perpetual enquiry for me
Something that I was boggled by

Now A great certainty & clarity filled my heart…
That directing these ants towards a safe harbour is my dharma.

“Ahimsa Paramo Dharma”

My Sadhna can’t be limited to streching my body, the need of the hour is “Compassion” & “Non-violence”
“Ahimsa” the first Yama of Patanjali’s astanga yoga.
The foundation pillar of all yoga, without it your head stand is pointless
A True yogi is the one who is centered in the Heart & bows his head down in reverence to the Mother Earth & it’s inhabitants.
It took some time for this wisdom to dawn upon me…
Ah I see .. my miniature buddies took off
So no sweat, I’m back on the mat with my sacred ritual.
Om namah Shivaya 🔱