Every being primordially is Infused with the Goddess energy.
The all permeating force, animating all the sentient and insentient beings
Embodying the Adi Shakti- the most refined level of consciousness within us, the essence of all the creation, we truly stand in our POWER
Filled with vigour and vitality she uses every fibre of her life fiercely… all the Shakti for Mukti!
Shakti’s only pursuit being SHIVA 🔱
Nothing less can satiate her, no petty ness, can fill her up
Her surrender is total & love unconditional.
It’s nearly impossible for the God of the Gods/Mahadev not be enticed by such TAPA
With every breath, she moves into the depths of the cosmic heart, towards the magnetic pull of the inevitable destiny – ShivShakti, the two who are indeed ONE!