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Mounam Yoga Pose Icon | Mounam Yoga Farm, Hyderabad

culture at mounam

Mounam Yoga Pose Icon | Mounam Yoga Farm, Hyderabad

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Get a glimpse of the activities and the various events at Mounam Yoga Farm. Our workshop participants have been kind enough to speak of their experiences with us. You could also come and experience our Svadhyaya or our weekend retreats for a complete immersion into the sacred space. While our amenities provide nourishment for your mind and body, the exploration of Yoga and Vedic philosophy provides nourishment for your soul.

I’m still with the hangover of the lovely time I had at Mounam. It’s a happiness booster dose. Bless you, because my mind heals every time I’ve visited. It heals me because you reinforce that goodness that is around
RS, Hyderabad
Days run into nights and nights into days. Inbetween we eat,work, party and sleep. Fall into this vicious circle of maya filled with love, hatred, fear, hopelessness and worthlessness. Let’s give our soul a chance to rejuvenate and heal atleast once a month. We neednot go all the way to himalayas, but to this small haven which is an hour away from bustling city life. “MOUNAM “ the yoga farm, name itself speaks thousand words of what we need in life. Pray, eat, do yoga, get some divyagyaan, do kirtan, get immersed into nature and also yourself and find your true inner self along with essence of life and purpose. Modern yogini Preeti will assist you in finding your true self and how to get away from this maya. Om shanthi. One can do a day trip or sleepover. The facilities for sleepover are basic to give the feel of real yogic retreat.
CR, Hyderabad

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